A Closer Look: The Magazine Window Display

Back in April, this window display concept was just in the planning stages. Our fearless leader, Krin, started asking around for old magazines – anything that could be torn, folded, stacked, and crafted into something new. Little by little, a stack of fashion magazines began to grow up in the loft where we keep shoe boxes. At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what she was planning, but I knew it would be amazing.

Always creative (and ever the perfectionists), Krin recruited Juley and Debbie and together, they took something as simple as a magazine and turned it into something spectacular – dresses, a tie, a tutu (it took more than 200 pages folded accordian-style to make this one!), wreaths for behind the counter, and more! Who knew the glossy pages of InStyle and Self could become even more stylish?

“It was an inexpensive and ‘green’ window,” Krin says, “but it was very labor-intensive! The fashions have since been recycled to a sewing and design class for inspiration!”

P.S. Did you know that a local couple used this window display in their engagement photo shoot? They actually stepped inside the window! So sweet!

A Closer Look: The Magazine Window Display