Get to Know You: Beret Froehle

This is a little segment I like to call “Get to Know You!” Over the coming months, I’ll be featuring my coworkers and giving them a little questionnaire – it’s a chance for you to get to know the women who work at The Rare Pair a little bit better!

Name: Beret Froehle

How long have you worked at The Rare Pair?

A year and a half when I was at St. Olaf and I started again in November of 2008. So, four and a half years total!

Favorite brand (of the moment) that we carry?

Can I have two? I love Børn boots for fall. And Ellington bags.

What do you think is the most comfortable shoe at The Rare Pair?


What’s the strangest or funniest thing that’s happened to you while working at The Rare Pair?

Earlier this month I got a call from a guy wanting my advice on how he could get information about a “rare pair” of 1988 Air Force Nikes. I asked if he was familiar with our store. He said, “No, but I just really need some information on this rare shoe.” It took a couple of times of me explaining that we don’t really deal with “rare” shoes for him to get it. He was very serious!

What do you like most about your job?

The Rare Pair is a really warm and inviting place to work. I like working with community members on a daily basis. You really feel like you’re involved in the community, and it’s fun to work at a store that people truly enjoy visiting! And – I love my coworkers!

Get to Know You: Beret Froehle

Featured Brand: Lavishy

Lavishy jewelry is darn cute.  The pieces from their Funkii collection are laser-cut filigree, which makes them perfectly delicate and incredibly lightweight. The necklaces look beautiful layered with other necklaces, or on their own as a single, intricate statement. The earrings really catch the light and look perfect with a sleek bun or casual pony. Plus, aren’t those happy red birds in the logo adorable?

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Don’t you want to know the best part? The earrings are only $7. And the necklaces? $11. I thought there was a mistake when I unpacked these gems – but nope! No mistake! Just a fantastic deal.

Everyone loves a bargain. And when the deal is this good, why not get a set? Each pendant design comes in both a necklace and an earring, and is available in black, gold, and silver. Why not get a jump on holiday shopping for your sister (or mom, cousin, niece, mother-in-law… you get the idea!)? Stock is limited, so hurry down to the store and get yours soon!

Featured Brand: Lavishy

Desigual: It’s All in the Details

Desigual is really something. Their designs are unpredictable, always colorful and never boring. Every single item – from a long-sleeve tee to a knit skirt – is a statement piece. You’re bound to get noticed when wearing Desigual!

What has continually struck me about this brand is their unique attention to detail. If you look closely at their garments, scarves and other accessories, you’ll find some incredible gems.

Like how this multi-colored thread that makes a stunning fray on this rosette-covered blouse:

And how intentionally the embroidery is done on this statement coat (see the careful placement of the sequins?):

And how well a lush floral pattern works so well next to text, printed on a bow that ties at the hip of a blouse (you’ve really got to look for the letters – see them?):

And if you look closely enough, you’ll find the word dream subtly stitched onto the fabric of this skirt:

Every piece in their collection is like a beautiful little treasure hunt. And to make your quest a little bit easier, all of our Desigual apparel* will be a part of our Third Thursday Sale on Thursday, Oct. 20! Enjoy 20% off men’s and women’s clothing* throughout the store!

*Socks, scarves and other accessories not included.

Desigual: It’s All in the Details

Featured Brand: Hunter Boots (NEW!)

It’s been a big week down at the RP. After months of  waiting, one spur-of-the-moment trip to Las Vegas for a shoe show, and more waiting, we received our very first shipment of Hunter boots!

These aren’t just any old rain boots. They’re your caught-in-a-downpour lifesavers, substitute snow boots (just add Smartwool!), and stuck-in-the-mud-but-glad-I-had-my-Hunters-on boots. They’re incredible quality, long-lasting, and even officially approved with the coveted “Royal Warrants of Appointment.” What does that mean? From Hunter’s website, “Royal Warrants are a mark of recognition to people or companies who have regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to certain members of the Royal Family.  They have always been regarded as a mark of excellence and quality, and are highly prized.” Basically, it means the HM The Queen of England and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh love these boots as much as we do. Seriously. Check out the official seals, printed inside every pair of Hunter boots:

Some pretty cool folks like Hunter, too. People like Reese Witherspoon,

Maggie Gyllenhaal,

and the ever-fashionable Sarah Jessica Parker.

Here are some more Hunter fun facts:1. The North British Rubber Company (later known as Hunter Boot Ltd) was founded in Scotland in 1856 with four employees. By 1875, the company had grown to employ 600 people. Not too shabby.

2. During WWI, the company was asked to create  a sturdy boot that could keep soldiers’ feet dry in flooded war trenches.  They manufactured nearly 1.2 million pairs of waterproof boots.

3. The original classic green Wellington boot (that tall, basic style in all the pictures above) was first made in 1955.

4. Hunter was awarded the Royal Warrant from HRH The Duke of Edinburgh in 1977, and another from HM The Queen in 1986.

Here’s a small sample of what we’ve got in stock!

Tall Gloss in Chocolate $125, Welly Cable Knit Sock in Cream $40

Classic Short Matte in Green $115

Tall Gloss in Graphite $125, Welly Sock in Stripe $40

Lace-up Welly $150

We’d love for you to stop by and try on a pair! They’re truly incredible boots and we’re so thrilled to be carrying them!

Image credits: me,

Featured Brand: Hunter Boots (NEW!)

Be Smart(wool).

Smartwool is more than just socks. Sure, Smartwool socks are to-die-for cozy and come in a ridiculous number of colors and patterns, but did you know that they’ve perfected the art of the hat, the scarf, and long underwear, too? Made of that famous, never-itchy merino wool that manages moisture and regulates your body temperature, Smartwool winter accessories and Next-to-Skin baselayers will keep you comfortable throughout the fall, winter, and into the spring. They’re great for a chilly walk in the Arb, an early morning jog (or cross country ski, when the time comes!), or just staying cozy while you run errands downtown.

Here’s a sample of what we’ve got down at the RP:

Smartwool hat, $40

Smartwool infinity scarf, $55

Smartwool Next-to-Skin baselayer long-sleeve top, $85

Smartwool scarf, $50

Smartwool logo image credit here.

Be Smart(wool).