A Closer Look: The Magazine Window Display

Back in April, this window display concept was just in the planning stages. Our fearless leader, Krin, started asking around for old magazines – anything that could be torn, folded, stacked, and crafted into something new. Little by little, a stack of fashion magazines began to grow up in the loft where we keep shoe boxes. At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure what she was planning, but I knew it would be amazing.

Always creative (and ever the perfectionists), Krin recruited Juley and Debbie and together, they took something as simple as a magazine and turned it into something spectacular – dresses, a tie, a tutu (it took more than 200 pages folded accordian-style to make this one!), wreaths for behind the counter, and more! Who knew the glossy pages of InStyle and Self could become even more stylish?

“It was an inexpensive and ‘green’ window,” Krin says, “but it was very labor-intensive! The fashions have since been recycled to a sewing and design class for inspiration!”

P.S. Did you know that a local couple used this window display in their engagement photo shoot? They actually stepped inside the window! So sweet!

A Closer Look: The Magazine Window Display

Get to Know You: Jill Enestvedt

Name: Jill Enestvedt

How long have you worked at The Rare Pair?
I have worked at the Rare Pair for happy 18 years!

Favorite item (of the moment) that we carry?
I love the mix of prints and patterns we have at the store right now. They show up in many different brands and items like scarves, cute Keen Mary Janes, tees, and dresses.

What do you think is the most comfortable shoe at The Rare Pair?
Dansko! I am a lover of all clogs, but especially Dansko. I have many colors of the classic Professional in my closet.

What’s the strangest or funniest thing that’s happened to you while working at The RP?
I’ll tell you some “famous” stories. We sold Tevas to Carrot Top, Rockport wing-tips to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Wigwam socks to the “Preppy Bandit” (a bank robber finally caught in 2007), and Converse sneakers to Scarlett Johansson.

What do you like most about your job?
My co-workers. We are a little family and I am grateful for them. Also, the customers we serve year after year. We see moms pregnant and then the kids growing up. We get to know college parents for a four year period, and sadly, sometimes attend the funeral of a customer. We see lots of life come through the door and every day is different. (And, less sentimentally, I love the bookkeeping, too!)

Get to Know You: Jill Enestvedt

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Desigual

1. Desigual was founded in Barcelona in 1984 by a 20-year-old from Switzerland. Seriously impressive!

2. Ever wondered how to say the name? Us too. It’s pronounced “Dez-i-gwal.”

3. Desigual has stores all over the world. They’re in Barcelona, Madrid, Athens, Mowcow, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, just to name a few!

4. The Desigual headquarters in Spain employs nearly 3,000 employees of 72 different nationalities.

5. And just for fun, check out this video of their Spring/Summer 2012 runway show!

(Logo via)

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Desigual

Accessory Show Recap

Last week I had the pleasure of attending my very first trade show! I shadowed Krin at a clothing show in St. Paul last fall, but this was my first solo foray into buying. Since our usual buyers don’t get out to the New York shows very often, it worked perfectly for me to represent The Rare Pair while I’m here on the job hunt!

First things first: it was overwhelming. The sheer number of booths (and no map of of the site to help me find my way) was intimidating in itself. I had a list of companies to visit, but it took me a while just to find my bearings! I probably wandered around for a half an hour, lost, before I figured out where I needed to go!

Secondly, it was a fabulous place to people-watch! I saw teams of buyers from every kind of store moving around the show, dressed to the nines in gorgeous sandals, perfectly-fitting jeans, and tailored blazers. Everyone really dressed up for this event and it was fun to absorb all the fashion. I wore my grey Converse sneakers from The Rare Pair with dark skinny jeans and a light denim shirt, and carried an Emilie Sloane tote (via The Rare Pair from a few years back) to hold all my stuff.

Finally – what I ordered! I picked out some great jewelry by Marlyn Schiff that should show up at the store in about a month. I tried to strike a balance between gold and silver, shiny and antiqued, sparkly and subtle, and there’s an even mix of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings. A few styles are RP best-sellers, but there are plenty of new things, too!

I also placed our fall 2012 order with Melie Bianco (remember the spring styles? So cute!). Just to give you an idea of what’s coming, I ordered mostly hobo and satchel shapes in gorgeous fall colors like deep plum, burnt orange, charcoal grey, and rich sienna, with great design details (think tassels, quilting, and woven patterns).

I also collected plenty of catalogs and took extensive notes on the fall lines of companies like Desigual, Frye, PJ Salvage, Nally & Millie, and Hobo.

I can’t wait for these shipments to arrive! You’ll have to let us know what you think of my picks!


Accessory Show Recap

Mother’s Day Chamilia

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we’ve all got to figure out a way to show the amazing women in our lives just how amazing they are. Although no one thing can do her justice, something as pretty as Chamilia is a great place to start! Whether you’re starting her out with a basic bracelet and bead set or adding to an established collection, The Rare Pair has everything you need to make that special lady feel, well, very special. Stop by the store to see our full inventory of beads, bracelets and necklaces. We’d love to help you choose the perfect gift!

Mother’s Day Chamilia

RP Spring Playlist

About a month ago, a woman stopped me in the store to ask what song was playing and as I recall, it was a song from Paul Simon’s newest CD. She was so excited that she asked me to write down every CD we had in rotation that day, and I was happy to oblige! The list I gave her was: Paul Simon’s So Beautiful or So What, The Decemberists’ The King is Dead, Punch Brothers Antifogmatic, Chris Thile and Michael Daves’ Sleep With One Eye Open, and Patty Griffin’s Impossible Dream.

Here are my five favorites from those albums for your listening pleasure, and be sure to listen for them in the store!





RP Spring Playlist